5-minute blog post

How fast can you type? How fast can you think? Have you ever tried to write a blog post in just 5 minutes? If you haven’t maybe you should!

Trying to write as fast as possible is an interesting challenge. To be able to write a whole blog post in just 5 minutes you have to be able to type fast. There is no room for errors. You don’t want to waste any time or energy on going back and correcting your mistakes or trying to locate the right characters. Your brain is busy trying to form the post while you type.

Same goes to the story it self. While you are typing your brain is trying to figure out the title, outline, structure and order of your post. Title, outline, structure all the important parts of the post. You only have few seconds to figure out it all.

The 5-minute blog post is mainly a tool to improve your writing and to remove some blocks. It is not something you want to use for all of your blog posts. However, nothing stops you from publishing your speed post when it is done. To write a quality post will most likely take hours rather than minutes but if you master the 5-minute blog post, then writing those long posts is going to get so much easier.

At this points we have spent 4 minutes and the WordPress editor tells us that we have written around 200 words. Not bad, but not good enough. Generally we do not publish posts that are less than 300 words. Not a definitive rule; rather a guide line.

So the time is up. You just spent 5 minutes writing your blog posts. Now what? Should you publish the post? There are few options:

  • You could just discard the draft and take the whole thing as 5-minute exercise that has fulfilled its purpose
  • You could publish the post as it is and market it as a “raw” post
  • Or of course you can spend few extra minutes to finish the post since you already got this far

We chose the option number three. After that the time was up we added few lines. Went back and read through the whole text and made some small corrections. All in all it took ten minutes to write this post without any planning. A very spontaneous post which landed on around 400 words. Now image what we could do in 30 minutes!

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